Your Natural Cycle of Experience

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Support and Optimize Your Experience to Feel Fully Alive.

People make choices every day in areas like business, relationships, nutrition, personal interests, and so forth. Those choices seem to determine a person’s quality of life.

So how does someone make the best choices possible? The answer for Dreambounded Leaders is to be guided in their experience. For Dreambounded Leaders, however, experience is not defined in the usual way.

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines experience as a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something.  Dreambounded Leaders think about their experience as something far more profound.

They see experience as the natural unfolding of an energetically guided story—your story. In other words, an experience doesn’t happen to you and then you figure out what to do about it, but an experience is the natural way in which your energetic self connects with the energy around you. And that has to do with resonance and its naturally creative quality.

Thus leadership treats experience as their fundamental guide, a guide that naturally seeks resonance and its creative unfolding—a guide that can be supported and optimized.  The idea is that energy knows how to optimally connect with other energy (experience with experience) in what we might think of as the unfolding of a collectively guided story. So how do you support and optimize your own and your group’s experience if the energetic unfolding is naturally guided?

Set Your Fundamental Intention Around Your Actual Experience Rather Than an Interpretation of It.

I have represented that unfolding of dynamic energy, called here an experience, in my model called the Natural Cycle of Experience. This new way of thinking about experience provides you with a way to support and optimize this profound phenomenon that we all share, both for your own self-leadership and when leading others.

Note that it is the self-guided experience itself that is being supported and not the products of experience, such as knowledge, or other representations created in that experience. Consider what Joseph Campbell, one of the foremost authorities on mythology, said in an interview with Bill Moyers on the subject of experience and resonance:

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experience on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

Dreambounded Leaders lead themselves and others from the standpoint of feeling alive, and the intention of the Natural Cycle of Experience model is to be a resource to help do that. They approach knowledge, purpose, and achievement as byproducts of that experience rather than the reason for it.

Think of energy as having a natural, three-phase way of evolving that is cyclical.

This way of thinking about experience as an unfolding of dynamic energy is founded on a fundamental property of energy, which is vibration (or what we observe as wave forms) and their natural potential for resonance. When one energetic arena (a common or congruent energetic occurrence—could be you) is in sync with another energetic arena (could be someone else), we say that they resonate. That resonance typically unfolds as an increase in energy (amplitude) and the creation of patterns or organization.

You can think about yourself as being an energetic arena that is continually coming into sync or resonance with other arenas of energy. When you come into sync with another energetic arena (person, place, or thing), some sort of creative process occurs as a natural byproduct of resonance.

For example, you walk into a business networking event, and certain people seem to resonate with you while others don’t. One interaction excites and energizes you (typically beginning as creative conversation) and the other doesn’t. This energetic resonance begins a creative and ultimately transformative cycle that can be thought of as going through three phases.

Evolving Energy as an Experience

Let’s consider an example of what that cycle might look like.

Suppose that it is a hot summer day, and you are twelve years old and at home on a Saturday. And as the day begins, the idea to open a lemonade stand suddenly jumps into your mind, and you get excited about doing it—you feel an increase in energy—the idea resonates with you.

Next, your excitement has you taking action on the idea by getting some lemonade, glasses, and maybe a pitcher to mix it. You then get your sister or brother and maybe some friends excited and begin to take action. You set up a table, make some lemonade, and put out your sign offering a glass of cold lemonade for 25¢—and you are having a blast.

After a while, you and your partners feel done and fold up your operation. You let your mind shift to your next idea, maybe going swimming. You take action, and when that action is completed, you again let go of it, making room for your next idea, and so on.

In simple terms, you get an idea based on a feeling of resonance (what calls out to you or just feels right), then you take action on it, and then when it’s complete, you let it go. That common creative event is your and your group’s experience or story, and it is cyclical, meaning that once the three-phase process is complete, you will begin it again with a new idea and a new action, and finally you’ll let it go as you make space for yet another cycle.

Again, the foundation for that three-phase experience (the natural unfolding of an energetically guided story) is a feeling of resonance, not a logical conclusion about what makes rational sense. Since getting an idea, taking action on it, and then letting it go is, in this way of thinking about experience, an energetic unfolding, it can be useful to put the process in more energetic terms. So my Natural Cycle of Experience is a model of unfolding consciousness that calls those three phases:

1. Receiving Mind Consciousness (you have an idea),

2. Organizing Mind Consciousness (you take action), and

3. Releasing Mind Consciousness (you let go of whatever happened).

Those three kinds of consciousness are very different from each other and are represented in the graphic below.


Thinking about an experience in this way makes it possible to support and optimize your stories or experiences because you are not bound or limited by the various things created in your experiences. In other words, you support your consciousness rather than the elements created in that consciousness. It is also in this way that groups can work together by engaging in the same energetic consciousness the same time as it naturally flows through the cycle.

Support and optimize the natural energetic cycle through its three-phase transformative evolution.

People sometimes think that the quality of their experience/story is limited by their circumstances (the products created by consciousness). They might think, for example, that they don’t have enough money or enough recognition to have a rich and rewarding experience so they can feel fully alive. Although their story unfolds using or building on circumstances, it is not limited by them in terms of quality (what Joseph Campbell called above the rapture of being alive).

Consider that the free flow of consciousness through its three phases—not the things created in those experiences—is what naturally creates a rich and rewarding experience.

Since the Natural Cycle of Experience symbolizes an experience as a three-phase, natural unfolding of energetic resonance (the flow of consciousness), then to support experience you simply support and optimize the unfolding of your own (or your group’s) consciousness and discover the unique experiences/stories that it naturally creates. The way you do that is twofold: first, stay in the natural sequence of unfolding consciousness, and second, shift minds intuitively.

With this approach, you don’t figure out what to do next. You simply put yourself into Receiving Mind Consciousness (or whatever is the next conscious mind in your current sequence) and allow intuition (resonance) to naturally choose ideas, actions and so forth, thereby creating your experiences. In other words, for Receiving Mind Consciousness, you open your mind up to see what ideas come to you and look for one that resonates. Once you discover an idea that resonates with you, you naturally shift into Organizing Mind Consciousness and allow yourself to begin to take action by organizing your engagement. Finally, when the action phase is complete, you shift into Releasing Mind Consciousness and let go of all judgments and conclusions about the outcome and elements created in the experience.

You support and optimize your experiences by staying in that sequence and shifting from one mind or consciousness to the next when you intuitively feel called to do so. This approach assumes something very significant. It assumes that the natural energy that is you already knows how to create an experience that will be rich and rewarding for you and others.

Creating an experience or life that is rich and rewarding (a life that resonates) isn’t something you have to learn how to do. There is no book or course that can teach that. The energy that is you is simply looking for energy that resonates with itself, and your job is to support and optimize that process through energetic intuition. Your knowledge and purpose is not the creator of your experience but rather is a byproduct of it.

Handle Resistance to the Free Flow of your Consciousness, Especially when Fear is Present.

How does that natural process get off track? How do you get stuck and frustrated and no longer moving forward in the creation of rich and rewarding experiences? The answer has to do with fear. Fear can have you resisting the natural unfolding of your unique experience. That means you are resisting shifting from one mind into the next in sequence, and the flow of your naturally expanding experience is restricted, so you are either

  • resisting letting go of something that will clear space for Receiving Mind Consciousness (new ideas),
  • resisting transition into Organizing Mind Consciousness (new action), or
  • resisting completion of something so you can shift into Releasing Mind Consciousness (letting go).

Those three points of resistance (resisting the shift from one consciousness to the next) are represented on the graphic below .


To support and optimize your experience and to feel fully alive, you will want to support the natural sequence of the flow of your consciousness and shift from one mind to the next intuitively. Any time fear shows up and you intuitively feel stuck and focused on the fear rather than what resonates with you, consciously shift to your next conscious mind in sequence and allow it to continue the unfolding of the rich and rewarding experience that has you feeling alive.

Starting with my next blog, I will begin to take the way Dreambounded Leadership thinks about things and apply it to some specific situations that can come up for leaders.

  1. Kristin LortieKristin Lortie12-19-2016

    Great synopsis of your work, Ted! I love the natural cycle of experience and the way it brings me back into my own creative energy.

    • tedcasetedcase12-19-2016

      Thanks Kristin! Have a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

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