Leaders Are Guided To Opportunity Engagement Rather Than Problem Solving Focus

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I was talking with some entrepreneurs recently about how running their business at the moment felt more like a chore than the exciting adventure they wanted. It was clear that they felt they were spending a lot of time dealing with problems rather than opportunities, and they and their team were feeling the effect of problem focus.

Problem focus tends to create experience that feels limited while a focus that reveals opportunities has a feeling of expanding experience. This choice in guidance is key if rich and rewarding experience is your intention. A little insight into these two different leadership approaches can turn a day that feels oppressive into a day of discovery.

Problem solving focus resists energetically inspired thinking.

Focusing on problems is systems (or idea) guided. That means that what to do is guided by the logic or structure of an existing system and it is that existing system or structure that defines the issue as a problem. Thus, with problem focus, choices align with and are controlled by a logical premise, also known as a system.

At best problem focus restores an existing system and therefore creates no new results. A developing focus on problems can have the effect of turning a system that was originally useful in freeing you to experience something new, into a system that is now treated as the foundation for choice and action. In so doing, it becomes a limitation on a current opportunity (intuitive guidance) to do something new. In short, your existing systems shift from servant to master (or guide) when you focus on solving problems. It is your shift to servant status that has work feeling like a chore.

A developing focus on opportunities is naturally transformative and tends to increase energy, creativity and expanding community.

Opportunity focus is not outcome focused but rather the current unfolding of newly created ideas in the context of an intuitively imagined dream. It is the intuitive dream that influences current challenges and turns them into opportunities or ways to engage in the dream. And it is that guiding relationship between dream and current reality that makes the present business not only effective but also transformative.

Since the approach to a so called “problem” is thought of as an opportunity to influence a current situation by the dream, the possibilities are not ruled by an existing system and therefore, the course of action is typically creative and as a result, it transforms the existing system. Also, because the process is guided by the resonant dream, it is naturally energizing. And finally, what to do about the “problem” is not limited by the existing system and is therefore unlimited and inclusive in considering possible courses of action. Rather than limiting community it looks to community for creative ideas.

Dreambounded Leadership chooses guidance by opportunity rich energetic intuition

The opportunities that are created by energetic intuition are always fundamentally the same in that they are always opportunities for rich and rewarding new experiences. An opportunity in this way of thinking is never the opportunity for an outcome that ends the discovery process, but rather the opportunity for onging missions and discovery as part of rich and rewarding experiences.

Know that the issue is not about whether today’s challenges are worth attending to. The issue is whether they are approached as problems or opportunities. When approached as a problem that must be solved, the implication is that a system is your guide rather than the system as a potentially useful resource or phase in an unfolding experience.

When a system challenge is approached as an opportunity, the implication is that energetic intuition (the dream), not the system, is the guide in the system challenge. You still might want to add water to an overheating engine, but you remain the master rather than the servant.

This language difference has nothing to do with positive thinking – it is about the choice of energetic rather than logical guidance. Positive thinking is actually just a different form of logical or system oriented guidance. As such, it is not your fundamental guide but rather is something created by that guide.

Dreambounded Leadership is opportunity focused because of its choice in guidance, a choice for energetic intuitive guidance even when working on a broken system.

Opportunity focus as a daily practice is not an effort to capture an envisioned outcome but to engage in an evolving adventure. In my next blog, I will talk about setting a strategic goal as a way to set yourself up for adventure rather than outcome – opportunity engagement rather than problem solving. And I will show you why that approach creates an abundance of often amazing outcomes as a natural byproduct.

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