Is Your New Business or Project Idea A Good One?

It’s usually a good strategy to be braver than your fears.

depositphotos_band-300x300About six years ago, I had a guy contact me about coaching. He was thinking of leaving the corporate world to do something more entrepreneurial. As a business coach for over seventeen years I have been asked hundreds of times, do you think opening a business or pursuing my new business project is a good idea.

In all that time meeting all those people, this guy is the only person who I have met with professionally, who decided not to go ahead in some way with their new idea. And in all that time, I’m not sure I have ever come across someone who I feel needed to take the plunge more than him. Why? Because he was paralyzed by fear. Here’s how he presented himself to me.

We met at a restaurant and after some small talk he told me his situation.

In a nutshell, he was working in a corporate job that paid well, provided some status and had him stressed to the max working very long hours. He had suffered two heart attacks and his wife was hinting at leaving him. I thought it was time for a change. He ultimately said at the end of our meeting that leaving what he knew in the corporate world was too scary. Wait, what – too scary?

To be fair, I don’t know what happened to him after our meeting. Maybe he did finally make some real changes but my point is this: fear that dominates a person’s decision making process will keep those heart attacks coming. And when I say heart attacks, I don’t just mean the kind that attack the heart organ. Fear can attack the heart of who you are and that’s a lot more worrisome than a cut in pay or prestige.

This may seem like a rather dramatic story to make a point but the simple message is, don’t let fear make your decisions for you. There is no business idea or personal project that, if it calls out to you, can’t be engaged in at some level. Sure you might not want to bet the ranch on a wild idea, but you can bet a few bucks and an investment in some time. The bet isn’t that the idea will turn out to be the million dollar idea, but that acting on your imagination and intuition can create the feeling of freedom and resonance (aka heart) you naturally want regardless of how it all turns out.

There are plenty of people out there fanning the flames of fear – don’t let them convince you that your idea is too scary to pursue. Find a way to do something.

  1. Jessica BotteschJessica Bottesch12-06-2016

    This is such great advice and something I have to remind myself of often!

  2. Ronda WilliamsRonda Williams12-06-2016

    Yes! It’s so freeing when fear no longer controls you! Thanks for the reminder.

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