Crack the Code For a Truly Remarkable 2017

Here we are at the beginning of another year and the question arises, what to do in 2017! I’m all for new experiences so I like to create what I call, my adventure list – my vision of experiences that I would like to engage in during the year. I consider this sort of exercise as fundamental to my personal and professional development.

The thing about knowing what to do is that my experience doesn’t guide me with words – it guides me energetically. I make up the words just as you do as you envision your 2017.

Those words give definition to your and my unique energy – a process that I describe as cracking the code of your own experience. So, statements like, “start a new business” or “sing at an open mic or kareoke event” are attempts to put into words what your experience, as guided by your unique energy, is telling you to do. That exercise turns into the comic, romantic, tragic and unpredictable experiences that are going to occur in 2017.

My advice  is typically to do the best you can to stay connected with what energetically resonates with you as you crack the code, and don’t let the words that you or anyone else make up become so important that they begin to take over as guide. Cracking the code, like experience, is a continuous process of updating words like a New Year’s List for 2017.

The energy that resonates with you might stay pretty much the same but circumstances don’t, so new words and new lists are part of the process. I like to think of cracking the code as continually discovering, rather than managing, the words and the experiences that are uniquely yours and mine.

Happy New Year!

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