That’s probably not news to anyone so, how do you handle it?

Personal Development and personal leadership includes having some ways of thinking about those kinds of days (weeks, months, etc.) where words just don’t seem to help.

Although it was many years ago, I remember all too well those days following the death of my wife due to cancer – how bad can feeling bad, get?

I also remember a curious thought that kept coming up for me. The thought had to do with value. I had the notion that feeling as distraught as I did, actually pointed to the incredible value of having had her in my life. My response to that thought was that I simply allowed the pain because trying to get rid of it somehow felt like I was diminishing the value of my time with her. An idea like, “Don’t feel so bad” translated for me into, “Don’t honor her so much.” That was an approach that didn’t work for me, so I just let myself feel as bad as I felt.

Eventually I began to feel better without in any way diminishing the value of the time I spent with my wife, and without thinking my pain was an indication that something in my life was wrong, rather than that something in my life was valuable.

Dreambounded Leadership idea: life is value – embrace all experience to allow that value to naturally unfold.

  1. ConnieConnie01-17-2017

    Really liked your story. Thanks for sharing it. It really is a different perspective – instead of looking at (emotional) pain as something is wrong to something had been valuable. “Life is value” rings so true and something I would like to always remember.
    Thanks for the article.

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