Things We Can Do In Response to Trump’s Management Style

Using the Natural Cycle of Experience as model, Trump’s leadership style would be thought of as dominated by Organizing Mind Consciousness. That means that he is fundamentally guided by ideas rather than the naturally shifting cultural energy that creates ideas. It also means that he will resist the other two phases in consciousness by trying to turn them into controllable resources rather than independent phases in the transformative process.

It can be useful to note that, what the guiding idea is, doesn’t really matter to Trump (or Organizing Mind). What matters is that he understands the implications of the idea and is able to manipulate the systems unfolding from it to his advantage (not to be facetious but, he probably believes he could commit to the ideas of Islam and gain control of a Muslim community for his own benefit).

Freely evolving systems do not serve the purpose of Trump’s self-serving management style, a style that is intent upon maintaining his preferential status in a system he can control.

So, here are some thoughts about what you and I can actually do to keep our governmental systems serving the whole culture rather than a privileged few.


When you watch or read the news, make a mental note any time you see Trump and his administration creating policy that has the ultimate effect of limiting the flow of new ideas or resisting a tendency towards moderation of judgment and penalties. Typically his policy will be positioned as the solution to something you should be afraid of so, as you read, put aside his threats and make the connection between his policies, and resistance to those two consciousness phases (Receiving Mind and Releasing Mind).

Receiving Mind Consciousness involves a willingness to allow new ideas to take us in new directions

A recent example of resisting Receiving Mind Consciousness would be when Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer lashed out at the media for supposedly false reporting about the size of the crowds attending the inauguration. He clearly did not want ideas (true or not) that did not conform with Trump’s preferred ideas. As another example, Trump’s demotion and criticism of our Intelligence Agencies is evidence of resisting ideas (true or not) that do not conform with his foundation ideas and his efforts to control the systems arising from those ideas.

Releasing Mind Consciousness is about letting go of judgments

Solidifying judgments and penalties is resisting Releasing Mind Consciousness and a way to lock in the current system for purposes of self-serving control. An example of harsher rather than more moderate judgment and penalties would be his intention of, deporting all illegal immigrants as soon as possible. Systems are in place that attempt to handle immigration in an orderly way and he is asking for harsher judgment and enforcement in that process.

Also, his recent ban on all immigration from the seven countries he indicated is a harsher policy than the existing polity. The point here isn’t about whether legal penalties in general should be lessened or increased.  It is about harsher judgments and penalties that impact the free flow of ideas (immigrants bring new ideas with them).

While Trump’s threat is that immigrants can be rapists, murderers and terrorists, it is probable that his larger unspoken intention has more to do with the new ideas that the general population of immigrants bring with them, than the fact that some percentage of all populations contain people who hurt other people.

Finally, notice with respect to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Trump is not advocating for improvements to the plan. That would suggest a naturally transformative process where he and his team would put their best ideas forward while holding on to any useful ideas already in place.

By attempting to erase the Act completely, he is suggesting that ideas and systems don’t evolve naturally. Rather someone (Trump) has the one and only right idea and the right system, and that idea and system is not part of a naturally transformative process which in turn, will someday update whatever he comes up with. His action in this case is a kind of blanket policy statement that the interplay of ideas is not his management style. He “is the only one who can do it.”

Note when you read the news whether an idea/policy he puts forward (especially when accompanied by a threat) is fundamentally designed to create resistance to natural change thereby putting all change under his control.


Speak out to insure that your ideas are not silenced. Share your own new ideas and support others in their sharing as part of your daily work and family process. Also, rather than seeking judgment and punishment against non-conformity, look for opportunities in non-conformity for the interplay of ideas to create something new, i.e. don’t personally become more judgmental in an effort to stall or stop change in your own life.

Supporting the natural cycle in your own personal life naturally supports the cycle culturally. So, speak out with your own new ideas at home and at work, and be willing to let go of ideas that no longer work. Advocate for remarkable new experiences rather than ideas that limit and isolate (walls, bans, and so forth).

The real challenge of Trump’s self-serving management style is not a battle of which idea is the right one. Rather, the challenge is resistance to the interplay of all ideas as the process we embrace. So, put your ideas out there authentically, bravely and playfully knowing that sometimes your ideas will contribute to things and sometimes they won’t.


Engage in collaboration. When attempting to dominate the natural cycle, Organizing Mind will create division in a strategic effort to divide and conquer. This is not a battle of your ideas against your neighbor’s or Trump’s or Democrats or Republicans, so don’t let it become that in your own life.

As has been ably demonstrated by the civil rights movement, one way to support openness to new ideas is to get together with others and speak your collective ideas out loud, i.e. participate in marches and protests designed to keep new ideas from being silenced.

Exposing ideas in an ongoing and clearly stated way, through for example, protests or marches, is effective in itself without any need to force the ideas down the throat of the so-called opposition. This overt interplay of ideas tends to naturally reveal the limitations and intentions of a single idea or self-serving system.

Again, here are three basic things you can do in the face of Trump’s self-serving management style to keep the complete cycle flowing personally and culturally.

  • Be aware of policy that subtly attempts to resist the natural cycle that includes new ideas and letting go of judgment – know that Trump’s management style does not welcome the interplay of ideas. He wants to limit ideas to his, using fear
  • Take action by personally engaging in your own natural cycles at home and at work – Trump’s style (through policy) will sooner or later attempt to limit you personally
  • Take expanded action by collaborating with other like minds and putting your collective ideas out there, and by letting go of judgments about the “rightness” or “wrongness” of others – a flood of ideas from the culture will naturally keep Trump’s ideas from dominating

The power always lies in the people, never leadership. Great leadership supports and optimizes the naturally transformative power of the whole group. Don’t let Trump’s fearful management style harness and limit our power, for his purposes.

  1. Liz KaplanLiz Kaplan02-07-2017

    I love this Ted. Your last paragraph was spot on. Thank you for writing a great article!! Liz

  2. ConnieConnie02-14-2017

    Great article with great ideas. One question, how did this even happen?

    • tedcasetedcase02-16-2017

      There is precedent in Native American mythology – he’s a character called a trickster. Always a male, the trickster disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior. He loves to upset things and spread confusion. He can often be a fool lacking in intellect or may have the deliberate actions of a spiteful spoiler who lacks morality. His outrageous and totally unconventional behaviour might include lying, cheating, tricking, and deceiving.
      That description comes from searching “Native American Trickster.” Sound familiar? Thanks for your comment Connie.

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