A Quick Review of How To Decide What To Do Next

Let’s keep it simple and quick, there are really only three high level choices for Dreambounded Leaders.


Get inspired with a new direction (come aware of a vision that feels like it is calling out to you – big or small – just for today or for longer engagement)



Organize some kind of activity and move to completion (set a goal, make a plan, take productive action, win the game, complete the project, whatever)



Let go of something that is distracting you to create some space for renewal (celebrate the end of something, take a vacation, meditate, party, etc)



Finally, and very important, the foundation for all choices is an energetic arena that resonates with you. It is the resonance that is your creative and transformative source so when you are in it, your choices have natural origin and guidance. And when you aren’t, those choices won’t be grounded in who you are, i.e. not so satisfying.

Entrepreneurs like to keep things moving and make choices quickly, also known as staying in the flow. Doing that can be helped, especially when details seem to be stalling things, by making one of the above high level choices first and then allowing the details to find their own natural order.

Tip: whenever you are in doubt about choice, start with choice number 3, not number 2 or 1. Clarity begins with letting go.

That’s it for this blog – comments are always appreciated!

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