Maverick Entrepreneurs – Irrational or Highly Ordered

There is potentially a massive shift taking place in how we decide what to do next, and entrepreneurs (and other creatives) are well advised to stay conscious of it. It has to do with algorithms, those tricky little things that are designed to solve problems. Algorithms lie at the heart of AI (artificial intelligence) and every computer program. The idea is that we are faced with problems that can be solved by a series of steps that are well thought out and executed, what I think of as a chain of logic, also known as an algorithm.

I say tricky because algorithms, like fire and guns, can be used for good things and not so good things, and their trickiness lies in the fact that both their positive and negative characteristics can be logically and therefore, persuasively argued from either perspective. When treated as a guide to fundamental choosing, algorithms like all ideas, will tend to create polarization of opinions with the potential for increasing conflict between individuals and groups. They will also tend to create repetitive experience, typically felt as boredom, frustration and often depression in those who are guided by  their logical order.

Those algorithms can be insidious meaning they can be influencing you and you don’t even know it. As Barry Chudakov, founder and principal at Sertain Research and StreamFuzion Corp said in a Pew/Elon University report, “The overall impact of ubiquitous algorithms is presently incalculable because the presence of algorithms in everyday processes and transactions is now so great, and is mostly hidden from public view.” In that same report under Seven major themes about the algorithm era, it says under Theme #3: Humanity and human agency are lost when data and predictive modeling become paramount: “All of this will lead to a flawed yet inescapable logic-driven society.”

Entrepreneurs and especially Maverick entrepreneurs are certainly guided by order but it is not logical order, it is natural order. You might say, Maverick entrepreneurs are committed to the freedom to be natural. They are fundamentally in it for the adventure and its insights, not the outcome and its awards.

Natural order as defined for Dreambounded Leaders, is understood to be a three phase flow of consciousness where, you get an idea, take action on it and then let go of whatever happened moving on to a new natural cycle. (Receiving Mind Consciousness; Organizing Mind Consciousness; and Releasing Mind Consciousness in that sequence).

All of that is naturally guided by energetic intuition, not logical order. Order only occurs in the second phase of that cycle and certainly things like education might show up there as useful resources in the unfolding process as might awards and achievements. It’s just that order and algorithms don’t guide the process.

My thoughts on this topic when I am working with a client, start as always with a question: how are you feeling about things. If their answer is, I’m bored, frustrated or depressed, then I begin to wonder if some kind of algorithm or logical process has become their guide. I then suggest that they let it all go and check in with what currently resonates with them, i.e. get back in their natural flow.

I don’t suggest that they check in with their local educational offerings in order to solve a problem. Maverick entrepreneurs don’t have problems. They have adventures where they are willing to discover where their natural process will take them and what insights (not knowledge) are gained in the journey.

Education comes after they have reconnected with what is calling out to them as their guide. They consider their educational opportunities (and algorithms in general) not in order to solve a problem but as a possible resource in their new adventure. Algorithms like ideas are here to stay so, bottom line: use algorithms wisely – wisely means, don’t let them become guides.

Stay cool, stay energized, stay you!

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