Here’s a quote from an NPR news article that offers a little insight into what can happen when a culture is presented with facts that suggest a change in thinking.

Indeed, prior work finds that when a scientific result threatens a person’s strongly-held identity, they’re more likely to question the science and methods involved, and to become more rather than less certain of their views.

As an example, consider scientific observations about climate change, and resistance to those findings. Are we in the U.S. as a culture, open and freely able to evolve in alignment with simple observations about the changes in climate that are occurring around us?

The impact on the culture when actual change is rejected in favor of an old idea, typically includes things like: polarization of ideas, idea-based conflict between people, feelings of being stuck, frustration, and so forth. That can and obviously does happen in large cultures like nations or groups of nations, and small cultures like families or businesses.

Another way of looking at it is that an effective culture is one that is open and free to naturally change and create new ideas in alignment with actual changes going in and around that culture.

I often like to think of life as something like riding a big wave on a surfboard. As a surfer, when you align in some way with the unfolding energy of the wave, you can get a heck of a ride and the feelings of freedom that come with it. If you don’t like the way the wave is behaving and choose to resist it, you might well lose that feeling of freedom and find yourself subjected to a rather painful experience.

As James Carse said in his book Finite and Infinite Games:

The contradiction in our relationship to nature is that the more vigorously we attempt to force its agreement with our own designs the more subject we are to its indifference, the more vulnerable to its unseeing forces.

Dreambounded Leaders tend to develop effective cultures because they start with energy rather than ideas. Aligning with that energy, like riding a great wave, is founded in resonance, not on ideas, and a culture that aligns in some way with that actual ever-evolving energy, tends to experience a great ride and a sense of unbounded freedom that goes with it.


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