Is It Worth Protesting?

There have been what feels like an increasing number of protests going on around the country and the world. Black Lives Matter, International Women’s Day, Campaign Against Climate Change and so forth. But really, are they worth the effort – isn’t it better to join a committee for example and work on new solutions to problems?

If you have a philosophy anything like my Dreambounded Leadership philosophy, then the answer is no – joining a committee is not better. Joining a committee certainly can be useful but I don’t think it is better than making people aware of how you feel about something. I think committees come after feelings are made clear, not before it.

The reason I feel that way is that fundamentally my Dreambounded Leader’s philosophy is awareness oriented, not achievement oriented. And, in fact, adopting an achievement model as your fundamental guidance process will not bring about change at all based on my experience. Rather, on the downside, it can tend to cement in place an existing way of doing things.

Consider that the Civil Rights Movement, for example, was an awareness oriented process. Dr. King and others encouraged everyone to engage in the process peacefully. Why? My belief is that King felt that awareness is the prime mover, not logical arguments and the force that can accompany them. Rather than a logical argument, the Civil Rights Movement was essentially an effort to tell everyone how people of color were feeling about things.

As many psychologists tell us, I can’t argue with how someone feels – it is what it is, and Nature tends to respond to the ways things are, irrespective of logical arguments to the contrary.

I might give you a bunch of very logical reasons why your feelings don’t make sense to my way of thinking but that doesn’t typically change how you feel. Black folks and women and others can provide all kinds of reasons about why they should be treated fairly but none of those reasons speak as loud as simply saying, “I don’t feel that I am being treated fairly!” And saying it long enough and loud enough that they are making it clear, that they don’t run their lives based on logical arguments.

I wrote a recent on blog on algorithyms and their potential to have us all making decisions based on logical arguments. Decision-making based on logic is not an awareness model, it is an achievement model. I doubt that you will ever see a bunch of Artificial Intelligence computers staging a protest or sit in. That’s because they don’t and can’t feel anything.

It seems to me that we are in a very significant transition phase where humanity is faced with the potential threat of a highly developed Organizing Mind Consciousness and the technical extensions of that logical phenomenon. The threat is the belief that a highly evolved logical process can be a better guide than our natural intuitive feelings as guide. So, in answer to this blog title, yes I think it is well worth protesting with a flat out statement of how you feel (not think) about things that matter to you.

Is that feeling orientation too soft and fluffy in this time of super heros, terrorism and extreme achievements? Personally, I feel that the tough guys and girls are the ones who have the courage to say out loud how they feel about things, not the fearful ones who think that the accumulation of more and more power might finally protect them from those same feelings and the intuitive guidance (and vulnerability) they offer.

To the extent possible, don’t start logical negotiations about what to do next until your feelings are acknowledged. If you must start, return frequently to those feelings as your basis for creating next steps. The recipient of your protest may or may not work from that same foundation, but you will be reminding yourself to stay guided by your own natural awareness.

So, from my point of view, don’t start change with a logical argument for what you think is right. Instead, just be for your own feelings and the freedom to be naturally guided by them – and, when you feel moved to do it, speak up and speak out!

Your thoughts and comments as always, are welcomed.

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