I did a keyword search a while back on Google using the key word phrase “be who you are.” The results were: local volume, 277,000,000 and global volume, 1,680,000,000. That’s a lot of people.

Compare that with the key words, for example: leadership – local volume 1,830,000 / global volume 3,350,000 or millionaire – 673,000 local and 1,500,000 global volume. Even the word change which is certainly a hot topic today had only 11,100,000 local and 24,900,000 global (note that these numbers change all the time).

So, in that search, change = 25 million, and be who you are = 1 billion, 680 million. To me that suggests a possible identity crisis. It feels like lots of people either: a) don’t know who they are or b) don’t know how to be who they are. I could be wrong but that’s my take.

Here is who I think I am and how to be who I am from the standpoint of Dreambounded Leadership. I am energy; energy has the characteristic of resonance; I be who I am by being aware of what resonates with me and engaging in whatever that is (could be Elvis this week).

Be who you are this week by being aware of whatever resonates with you and being brave enough to engage in it. That’s you being who you are!

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