Another way to look at it, you probably feel ready to let go of something and you aren’t doing it. That means you probably aren’t paying enough attention to Releasing Mind Consciousness and letting go as often as your intuition is telling you to. Here is a way to get your celebrating on track.

First, declare something complete – just intuitively be aware that something has ended or isn’t moving forward in a flowing way and declare it complete.

Next, acknowledge that you are shifting into Releasing Mind Consciousness and you are open to everything that naturally happens in that consciousness. Releasing Mind can be an amazing place to be – go there when it calls out to you. Words like freedom, peace and presence come to mind for me.

Take the next step and celebrate. This celebration is the beginning of the natural release of the energy of whatever you just declared complete. It can be a celebration following something you think was a good thing or a not so good thing. Remember, we celebrate in the form of both weddings and funerals – the point is to allow the energy to disperse regardless of how you judged the completed event.

In some cases, the celebration might be as simple as a high five with someone who supports you or it might be a month long trip to the French Riviera or anything in between. Design the celebration to be useful – that means that although it could be a party, it’s more likely to be something else – let your intuition guide you in what it will be.

Here’s the thing: think of Releasing Mind Consciousness as a valid and full partner with Organizing Mind Consciousness and Receiving Mind Consciousness, not as a resource you use to get ready for your next thing.

In other words, engage fully in your celebration as in, this is your life, so be fully present to whatever you decide to do! Let what comes after Releasing Mind live in that next consciousness, not in this one.

For example, did one of your business projects have a less than great outcome and you want to declare it complete and let it go? Great – look up event planning on the internet or research some kind of celebration that feels right for the level of energy that you are going to allow to disperse. Visit a travel agent or ask a friend for ideas – make it as expansive as your intuition calls for.

And then, celebrate!

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