What Happened to My Amazing Possibilities?

As kids we often have the notion and are told that we can do anything we want, that the world is full of possibilities just for us. Middle age and beyond often has us wondering about those supposed sage words of inspiration and support. Sure we might have had some great experiences but were they truly what we thought possibility meant and does possibility still lie ahead? Or, is the balloon of possibility slowly deflating as real life unfolds?

I sincerely hope that it isn’t for you and I have a few thoughts to keep that balloon of possibility and reality inspired and lifting you up every day. I noticed an article in an AARP magazine the other day about famed Latin guitarist, 72 year old Carlos Santana,  and something he said in the interview about that very thing. 

“The universe will bring you an abundance of opportunities and possibilities. It’s really all about trusting that before you got there, when you were sleeping, the universe was conspiring to give you something to blow your mind. Would you be open to receive it?”

When it comes to possibility, the challenge has to do with thinking, and in particular thinking that has you missing the possibilities that are right in front of you. Middle age thinking can do exactly that. 

What does thinking have to do with missing possibilities? More specifically, how does thinking have you answering no to Santana’s question, “would you be open to receive it?”

My answer has to do with Releasing Mind Consciousness, that phase of consciousness where you naturally let go of old thinking. It has to do with being fully present, or a return to what Santana referred to in the same article as “naked awareness.”

If your new thinking is based on a bunch of conclusions about how things have gone up until now, you are fundamentally not present and your thinking will not reflect what is presently possible. That means you won’t be open to receiving what the universe has been preparing for you while you were sleeping last night. Clearly, you will not be able to engage in a present possibility if you aren’t in the present to see it. Thinking can do that.

Let go of all of your thoughts about where you are in your life and simply ask yourself, what resonates with you at this moment – that will bring you present because resonant energy only exists in the present. Then, engage in some small or large way in that energetic possibility without knowing where it might take you – no need for plans or goals to engage, just some courage and a first step. Pick up the phone and make the call; get out of the chair go to a meeting of entrepreneurs; go on-line to a travel destination that calls out to you and look at the pictures; . . .

That is Dreambounded Leadership and it is thinking generated from your present energetic environment rather than previous thinking. At 72, it’s how Carlos Santana begins his day – the advice was good when you were a kid and it holds true right now. There is no point in your life when you can’t be open to the unlimited possibilities that the universe has been conspiring to create for you.

Wake up and be open to receiving –


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