Genius Defined

A genius is someone for whom fresh new experiences are commonplace and who generally feels satisfied.

Overview: People often associate genius with the ability to create something extra-ordinary. That is an Organizing Mind (Conditions bounded) perspective and a limited view of our nature. Genius from the 10,000 Year Thinking® perspective has to do with the profoundness of awareness itself and its ongoing unfolding in meaningful experience—genius that you share (but don’t always embrace) with everyone.

Exercise: do something right now for about two minutes that resonates or calls out to you! Is your intuition inviting you to: call someone, clean up something, meditate, stand in the sun, pet your dog and tell her what a good dog she is, etc. . . That is your genius in its naturally dynamic flow—always calling out to you to engage in something that resonates. 10,000 Year Thinking® encourages you to not resist your own genius (natural flow of awareness founded in resonance). Do something now!

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