A Blog For Complete Awareness

Dreambounded Leadership is a blog for people who have attended 10,000 Year Thinking® training programs (or soon available: who have read the book, 21st Century Thinking, Your Challenge is Managing It, by Ted Case). If you are not familiar with the training, you are welcome to browse the blogs, however, the language and content probably won’t be fully understood without the foundation ideas that comprise 10,000 Year Thinking®. Contact us for more info – ted@expandingdynamics.com.

The fundamental intention of the blog is to provide support for complete awareness as described in the training, through practice exercises, tips, insights and so forth. Use this site in a playful rather than serious way, always looking to discover in the blogs what resonates personally with you and/or your group. 

Have fun, allow your choices to be authentically yours and dynamically feel the flow of the profound energy that is yours to embrace!



Ted Case is the founder of Expanding Dynamics and creator of the 10,000 Year Thinking® programs which lie at the heart of his coaching work with entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, educators and parents.

Ted’s clients have been diverse from: start-up or expanding entrepreneurs; to state and local economic development agencies in places like Colorado and Auburn, New York; to Law School Admissions departments creating entrepreneurial teams such as the Northeastern University School of Law, Drexel University School of Law and others; to a multi-million dollar net worth individual developing a personal mission.

He has shared the stage with Oscar nominee, Sigourney Weaver, fortune 100 consultants, multi-million dollar business builders and other expansive minded people seeking new 21st century cutting edge strategies and practices to support and optimize individual and group satisfaction.