A Mindset for Magic

blog1A Mindset For Magic

What kind of mindset has a person losing sleep at night because they are so excited about their plans for tomorrow? Is that you?

Is it an achievement oriented mindset or something else – something new and freeing from the limitations of that old way of thinking – a way that is becoming old news. Here is a way of thinking about this magical new mindset and whether it and this blog will be of any interest to you –

The mindset that you will experience in my blog has nothing to do with having a positive attitude or making lemonade out of lemons. It works at a much more fundamental level of consciousness. It will shift you to the idea that: opportunity today lies not in an achievement or winning mindset but in what I call, a transformative mindset. There is a huge difference in a person’s experience between those two mindsets – the difference between living a logical life and a magical life.

Here is a way to think about this shift in mindset: with an achievement orientation, you climb a mountain to get to the top. And then having gotten their you claim it as your own and attempt to control it. The achievement itself is thought to be the goal and it all makes perfect sense.

With a transformative mindset, you climb a mountain to see the view – to see the world from a different perspective – to gain the insights that come from the realization that different perspectives can happen at all. Then, having gained that new insight, the intention is not to attempt to control and maintain that new view at all costs, but to let the achievement go and allow your new view of the world to magically reveal yet another mountain and another experience revealing its own deeper insights. An achievement mindset doesn’t want to let go – a transformative mindset sees letting go as fundamental to the magic.

My work with people is about freeing them to the best that life has to offer and I have found that it is a person’s fundamental mindset that makes the difference. It isn’t achieving, owning or controlling something that life is offering – it’s experiencing many things and in that process gaining insight into the profound value and magic of natural awareness.

People with a transformative mindset tend to periodically lose sleep due to what Joseph Campbell called the bliss that comes with being alive. They are often called innovators and early adapters because the freedom that comes with new experience depends upon complete experiences, which naturally includes letting go of conclusions and judgments about what they think they gained in the process.

I call this blog Dreambounded Leadership because it is fundamentally about being guided by the resonance that creates dreams rather than the logic that attempts to define them. Whether for your career, your relationships, your family or your personal interests, a transformative mindset frees you to the best that life has to offer – the opportunity to be an innovator and early adapter of new experiences for yourself, your family and your community.

The intention of my blog is to both give you a way to think about how a transformative mindset works and to talk about various issues from the standpoint of that transformative mindset to give you an idea of what that looks like. I call my approach to supporting a transformative mindset, 10,000 YEAR Thinking®.



tedxpxTed Case is the founder of Expanding Dynamics and an expert in entrepreneurial mindset and the transformative process. He is the creator of the model he calls, the Natural Cycle of Experience, which lies at the heart of his coaching work with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and others creatively expanding their life experience.

Ted’s clients have been diverse from: start-up or expanding entrepreneurs; to state and local economic development agencies in places like Colorado and Auburn, New York; to Law School Admissions departments creating entrepreneurial teams such as the Northeastern University School of Law, Drexel University School of Law and others; to a multi-million dollar net worth individual developing a personal mission.

He has shared the stage with Oscar nominee, Sigourney Weaver, fortune 100 consultants, multi-million dollar business builders and other expansive minded people seeking new, cutting edge strategies and practices to support and optimize individual and group effectiveness. Ted’s work has made him a valuable asset to his clients in a wide variety of industries.