• What Happened to My Amazing Possibilities?

    As kids we often have the notion and are told that we can do anything we want, that the world is full of possibilities just for us. Middle age and beyond often has us wondering about those supposed sage words of inspiration and support. Sure …

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    Another way to look at it, you probably feel ready to let go of something and you aren’t doing it. That means you probably aren’t paying enough attention to Releasing Mind Consciousness and letting go as often as your intuition is telling you to. Here …

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    ABUSED WOMEN, SPEAK OUT (our culture depends upon it)

    I typically have a new coaching client fill out a questionnaire and below is what one of them said in answer to the first question on my questionnaire: “I feel stuck in old patterns and sense that I am re-creating old situations. I feel that …

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    How To Be Bold, Without Being Reckless

    BEING BOLD IN BUSINESS MEANS TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION Steve Jobs said, Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ …

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    I did a keyword search a while back on Google using the key word phrase “be who you are.” The results were: local volume, 277,000,000 and global volume, 1,680,000,000. That’s a lot of people. Compare that with the key words, for example: leadership – local …

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    Make Your Next Meeting A Good One

      ✔︎ PLAN TO GET THE MEETING INTO FLOW IMMEDIATELY People often arrive at a meeting with something on their mind. Take care of that first or it can disrupt the transformative flow of the meeting. The something on their mind is typically a conclusion that …

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    What Are You Missing

    There is something that I have loved about being an entrepreneur and it literally has nothing to do with outcomes or accomplishments, money or success. It has more to do with discovery and the thrill that so often is a companion when being surprised by a …

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    Make the Best In You Possible

    I am reading a book called Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull (President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation). I am enjoying it and its many good ideas and observations about an environment of creativity. Certainly Catmull has worked in a creative  environment having produced amazing …

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    If Only Things Were Different, Then I Would . . .

    The nature and possibilities of a person’s everyday experience are often drastically misunderstood and it is in that misunderstanding that limitations arise. The limitations that arise are due to lack of awareness, rather than lack of achievement – to the presence of an illusion, rather …

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    Current Score: Russia 1 – US 0

    In the news most everyday lately is talk about the Russia investigation relating to last year’s election and especially lately, about Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey who headed an investigation into that issue. Some thoughts from my perspective. I have been coaching entrepreneurs and …

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