FIRST - WORK ON FUNDAMENTALS: * support yourself in being fully aware THEN - GET INTO THE GAME YOU FEEL CALLED TO PLAY * at work; at home; in relationships; personal interests, etc . . .

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    If Only Things Were Different, Then I Would . . .

    The nature and possibilities of a person’s everyday experience are often drastically misunderstood and it is in that misunderstanding that limitations arise. The limitations that arise are due to lack of awareness, rather than lack of achievement – to the presence of an illusion, rather …

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    Current Score: Russia 1 – US 0

    In the news most everyday lately is talk about the Russia investigation relating to last year’s election and especially lately, about Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey who headed an investigation into that issue. Some thoughts from my perspective. I have been coaching entrepreneurs and …

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    Is It Worth Protesting?

    There have been what feels like an increasing number of protests going on around the country and the world. Black Lives Matter, International Women’s Day, Campaign Against Climate Change and so forth. But really, are they worth the effort – isn’t it better to join …

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  • NativeAmericans

    THINK BIG (ger than yourself)

    I was recently reading Bernie Sanders book called Our Revolution. Something he said on the last page really resonated with me. He listed some of the problems he thought we face such as, “a rigged economy, a corrupt campaign finance system, a broken criminal justice …

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    Here’s a quote from an NPR news article that offers a little insight into what can happen when a culture is presented with facts that suggest a change in thinking. Indeed, prior work finds that when a scientific result threatens a person’s strongly-held identity, they’re …

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    Maverick Entrepreneurs – Irrational or Highly Ordered

    There is potentially a massive shift taking place in how we decide what to do next, and entrepreneurs (and other creatives) are well advised to stay conscious of it. It has to do with algorithms, those tricky little things that are designed to solve problems. …

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    Make Time For Relationship Renewal

    Dreambounded Leadership isn’t just for business. It is a mindset and as a result, a way of life. That means you bring the same energy that creates business adventures  into everything you do. One challenge that sometimes comes up for entrepreneurs is that they thrive …

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    A Quick Review of How To Decide What To Do Next

    Let’s keep it simple and quick, there are really only three high level choices for Dreambounded Leaders. Either: Get inspired with a new direction (come aware of a vision that feels like it is calling out to you – big or small – just for …

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    What To Do About the Truth and Fake News

    It seems that we are in the midst of a great debate about truth. What can we do about it? Note the article below that I found online and the two quotes from the article: CNN online news article Trump’s war on reality is truly …

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    There’s a Message In There Somewhere

    There seem to be at least two fundamentals required of leadership: vision (where are we going) and flow (how do we get moving again when things feel stuck?). Personally, I feel like I have plenty of ideas and in my experience mosts entrepreneurs seem to …

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