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    Grassroots Leadership For Remarkable Experience

    A comment on my blog about Trump’s leadership style referred to the last paragraph in the blog as being, spot on (thanks Liz). That paragraph said, “The power always lies in the people, never leadership. Great leadership supports and optimizes the naturally transformative power of …

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    Leaders Make Unpopular Choices

    I said in response to a recent comment on my blog, What is Trump’s Leadership Style, that I would answer their question in a blog. The question was, “How does a good leader form and trust him/herself to set a direction that you know won’t …

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    Things We Can Do In Response to Trump’s Management Style

    Using the Natural Cycle of Experience as model, Trump’s leadership style would be thought of as dominated by Organizing Mind Consciousness. That means that he is fundamentally guided by ideas rather than the naturally shifting cultural energy that creates ideas. It also means that he …

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    What Is Trump’s Leadership Style

    My short analysis of Trump’s leadership style is that: he isn’t currently a leader. By my definition, the intention of leadership is to support and optimize ongoing transformative experience in the group they lead – experience that is naturally unlimited and remarkable. Also, as one of my fundamental principles: transformative experiences occur in …

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    Intuition, Leadership and Your Remarkable Story

    My work with entrepreneurs is fundamentally about supporting and optimizing them as leaders. Sure I have lots of experience in putting together things like marketing plans, business plans, setting up facilities to do business, customer service and the rest of the more or less technical …

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    I have had several clients over the years who had non-compete agreements with employees who later left the company and broke those agreements. In each case, the exiting employee took some client business with them – the thing that the non-compete agreement was supposed to …

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    That’s probably not news to anyone so, how do you handle it? Personal Development and personal leadership includes having some ways of thinking about those kinds of days (weeks, months, etc.) where words just don’t seem to help. Although it was many years ago, I …

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    Crack the Code For a Truly Remarkable 2017

    Here we are at the beginning of another year and the question arises, what to do in 2017! I’m all for new experiences so I like to create what I call, my adventure list – my vision of experiences that I would like to engage in …

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    If your philosophy (business and personal) is based on thriving rather than surviving, you probably like getting useful things done. And you probably ask yourself every now and then, how you can best support your own productivity. My answer for Dreambounded Leaders is, remember what …

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    Business Can Be Serious (by choice)

    I had a client several years ago in the Denver area who wanted to start a business. I worked with her as her coach as she got the business started. As usual, the challenges of profitable sales, personnel performance, customer service and the rest were …

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