FIRST - WORK ON FUNDAMENTALS: * support yourself in being fully aware THEN - GET INTO THE GAME YOU FEEL CALLED TO PLAY * at work; at home; in relationships; personal interests, etc . . .

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    Is Your New Business or Project Idea A Good One?

    It’s usually a good strategy to be braver than your fears. About six years ago, I had a guy contact me about coaching. He was thinking of leaving the corporate world to do something more entrepreneurial. As a business coach for over seventeen years I have …

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    Set strategic goals that focus group energy in opportunity engagement

    Strategic for Dreambounded Leaders relates to identifying an energetic arena that resonates, rather than ideas that seem logical, as the fundamental guide. As an example of an energetic arena, consider the energy of a warm sunny beach, and the very different energy of a football …

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    Leaders Are Guided To Opportunity Engagement Rather Than Problem Solving Focus

    I was talking with some entrepreneurs recently about how running their business at the moment felt more like a chore than the exciting adventure they wanted. It was clear that they felt they were spending a lot of time dealing with problems rather than opportunities, …

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    You Don’t Have to Know Anything To Be an Effective Leader

    Today’s blog is about knowledge, otherwise called What you think you know. In today’s world, knowledge and the education designed to deliver it are often promoted as keys to what might be thought of as a successful life. But is knowledge the key and, therefore, …

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    Dreambounded Leaders Flow From Idea Into Action Easily

    I was meeting with a coaching client (we’ll call him John) the other day and there were three of us in the meeting, the third being John’s associate (we’ll call her Gwen). Coaching meetings are mostly idea oriented with the action taking place hopefully before …

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    Your Natural Cycle of Experience

    Support and Optimize Your Experience to Feel Fully Alive. People make choices every day in areas like business, relationships, nutrition, personal interests, and so forth. Those choices seem to determine a person’s quality of life. So how does someone make the best choices possible? The …

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    An Introduction to Dreambounded Leadership

    A New Kind of Leadership for Naturally Creative Individuals and Groups. Welcome to my new blog site! It seems that people today are eager for new ideas and new ways of engaging in their lives. And in line with that is a desire for new …

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